Genomics and Epigenomics of Psychiatric Disorders

medizinischegenetik 1 - 2020
Wissenschaftliche Koordination: Markus Nöthen
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Despite its high frequency and many decades of researc, the biological basis of psychiatric disease remains poorly understood. This has implications in terms of treatment, with many currently available therapies showing limited efficacy or, in the case of drug therapy, adverse side effects. For many years, researchers have hoped that breakthoughts in the biological understanding of psychiatric disease could be achieved through the use of genetic approaches. Even early descriptions of psychiatric disorder cases reported a familial occurance.
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Out of the lab and into the clinic: steps to a pragmatic new era in psychiatric genetics
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Insights into the genomics of affective disorders
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Update on the genetic architecture of schizophrenia
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Clinical genetic testing and counselling in autism spectrum disorder
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Polygenic scores for psychiatric disease: from research tool to clinical application
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A Review of epigenetics in psychiatry: focus on environmental risk factors
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